Creativity & Aesthetics (products, visuals, interaction)
User & Society (UX)
Design & Research Processes (academic writing)
Technology & Realization (all around prototyping)


in short

Gulia Caleca is an interaction designer from Palermo, Italy who currently resides in Berlin, Germany. She recently graduated with a MSc in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University of Technology. Her mission is to help the world becoming a better, more sustainable place, but also to make this fun. She used to be a geek, today she is just a graphics freak.



Coming from a strictly product design background, throughout my academic education I developed a strong passion for environmental issues for which I believe we, as designers, have a great moral, ethical and social responsibility. In the latest years, I have worked to combine this passion with a research-oriented design practice, focusing more and more on creating meaningful and engaging experiences for everyday tangible, embodied and embedded interactions. Helping people to understand today’s environmental issues and, most importantly, empower them to change and act accordingly is the role I see for myself as a designer in the real world.

At the same time, I am a graphics enthusiast. I highly value the importance of a well-balanced visual communication to the point that I just cannot deal with project reports and deliveries without putting a little bit of style in it. I believe it is a core skills for designers to be able to communicate their ideas and work with a clean but engaging layout. Creativity and aesthetics is probably one of the few skills I have always cherished, but to manage a meaningful and functional application of creative ideas into working prototypes is something I have developed more recently, within the past two years.

As an interaction designer, I strive to create a meaningful experience for people to have before, during and after using a ‘thing’ (being a product, service or system). What fascinates me is how things can change our lives and how each single element in our everyday environment can greatly impact our living and being. This is all design is about, for me, crafting everyday experiences, assuring that the magic happens.

To be able to understand these interactions it is crucial to adopt the perspective of the user, in order to ensure a sustainable impact on people’s lives. I developed empathy with people by coming down from the designer’s pedestal to (try to) experience what a user would feel, think and see from the other side. I like to work with people, not just designing for anybody. Because I believe everybody has the natural skills to be creative and design only makes sense when it is created together or, at least, consciously thinking of the people who are going to experience it. Completing my education at Eindhoven University of Technology allowed me to master the art of designing this relationship between technology and people in a way that does not affect neither our everyday experiences nor the environment, and that’s what I call sustainable interaction design.