Master project \ users & systems

LevelUp! is a system designed to improve the worker’s engagement and satisfaction when working on crowdsourcing platforms for design, with the use of gamification. The gamified system is based on 7 levels of design expertise that represent the workers growth as ‘designers’ within the platform. Based on gamification theories related to learning and motivation, LevelUp! can help crowdsourcing platforms evolving to a professional environment where working as part of a crowd reflects on the personal growth.


This project was developed in a team, together with Mayra Goevaerts and Eva de Bruijn, and with the support of an external client, the design crowdsourcing platform Design2Gather. Thanks to this collaboration the designed system could be developed to a concrete level to already be implemented on an actual platform within a short time. That was, for me, the first time working closely with a client. Although, the lack of in-depth user insights before the start of this project’s development constituted a weakness for its implementation and impact. That made me understand the important of designing not only for people, but with people, in order to be able to understand what really needs to be done to improve a certain situation. Researching about psychology theories on motivation and learning also served as a strong basis for further projects, reflecting on the universality of the basic human needs throughout every life situation and aspect.