UNiD Magazine

extracurricular \ masters

Since I started my master’s studies, in September 2016, I have been inspired by a great team of creative people in contributing to the Industrial Design faculty’s image by working for the graphcis of the UNiD magazine. Firstly, I worked on the layout of a couple of articles per issue, while on the last year I focused on the creation of the magazine’s layout itself, taking over the position of Chief of Graphics in collaboration with Minerva Loos.


cover design \ issue n. 34


editorial design \ issue n.35


editorial design \ issue n.31


editorial design \ issue n.32


editorial design \ issue n.33

I highly value this extra curricular acitivity for I was able to do something fun while learning a lot from the people around me. When becoming a chief, I had to deal with a quite large group of ‘freelance’ students for which my managament and planning skills surely improved. It required a intensive deployment of communciation skills in providing on-point constructive feedback, but also leadership to make sure that everybody would meet the strict deadlines for the production of the magazine. Overall, it definitely helped me develop my graphic skills applied to editorial design, mastering softwares such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.